Donating A Car To Charity

This is now such a simple and convenient way to make a significant donation to charity. And get this - it's tax deductible too - so rather than sell your old car, seriously consider donating it instead.

Donating a car to charity is actually pretty easy (in the USA at least). Many charities accept donations directly, and there are even a number of organisations specialising in this area. They take care of all the paperwork, and will pick up the car from you too.

Now doesn't that actually sound so much easier than trying to find a buyer for your old car..?

How To Donate A Car

Firstly, and I know this sounds stupid, but be sure that you have legal title to the car. That is, make sure you have the documentation to prove you actually own it!

Second, you need to find an organisation to arrange the donation with. I strongly recommend contacting charities you already know and support first, to see if they can arrange the donation themselves. This will maximise the benefit they get from your car donation. And you know your donation will go to a cause you actively support.

(And if they aren't too far away, you might even be able to make more of your donation by driving the car to them rather than having them pick up from you - worth thinking about)

If they can't handle the donation directly, ask them if they recommend a particular organisation.

If they can't, try to find a charity or cause that you do believe in that can handle the donation. Better to donate to a charitable cause that you support than just donate "because it's a charity".

If all else fails, you can search Google for one of the organisations that specialise in car donation. They are generally 'for-profit' businesses though. That's not unreasonable or necessarily a bad thing - the service they provide is a useful and skilled one. But check the amount that will go to charity before you make your final selection - it can range from 50% to as little as 10%. They have expenses and they are not charities themselves, so don't be too disappointed they are making some money. Anything extra for a charity you believe in is a good thing - just be aware a little extra effort to find a good one can make a big difference.

Plains, Trains and Automobiles

OK, well maybe you can't donate plains and trains, but you can donate motorbikes, boats, trucks and RV's. So don't think it's just about cars.

So next time you're looking to buy a shiny new car (or boat, or motorbike etc), promise yourself you'll be donating your old one to charity.

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