FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How does it all work?

Simply use our main search box, or choose a linked search engine, and search as normal (please do search as normal - the charities only benefit from genuine normal search usage). When you use our search box or a linked search engine CharityCafe receive a small payment. Use us every day, and those small payments really add up!

How do I know if donations are working?

If you searched from our home page - it worked! But at the moment it only works if you search from our site.

What Charities Do We Support?

All profits are split equally between Greenpeace, WWF, and Oxfam.

Are the search engines supporting charities?

No. Our listed search engines are paying for the web traffic we are sending to their sites. CharityCafe is donating the funds we receive to charity.

Do you represent the charities you support?

No, we are not representives of any charity, nor do we receive any payment from any charity. The charities we donate to are merely grateful recipients of the funds we generate.

How Much Goes To Charity?

All of it! We cover the bare minimum of our costs in running the site, 100% of the rest is split equally between our listed charities. CharityCafe is not for profit! Check the Donations page for our latest figures.

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